“I am the way, the truth and the life, says the Lord; no one comes to the Father except through me!”  Jesus tells us this week that some who are last will be first and some who are first will be last.  He tells us the gate is narrow.  Getting to heaven is not as easy as simply saying you believe. Yes, we need to believe in the “Truth” of Jesus.  But we also need to adopt His way and His life to follow that truth.  We all can complain from time to time like the Hebrews did about how hard the life of Jesus is.  Discipleship is not easy.  It requires effort and persistence on our part to stay strong and keep having “drooping hands and weak knees.”

As Vincentians, our primary purpose is to develop our spirituality and holiness.  We adopt a way of life that takes us to the heart of Jesus – with the poor and suffering – that we might imitate the compassion and mercy of Jesus.  We seek a virtuous way of life that allows us to develop the fortitude to stay true to our Lord, living the truth in His way, following in His footsteps.  Do I approach each day seeking to live as Christ did?  Do I strive to grow in humility by seeking and embracing God’s will for me?  Do I trust in His Divine Providence?

Lord Jesus, give me the courage and the strength to follow in your footsteps.  Help me to choose the narrow gate, that I may approach the kingdom of heaven giving glory to God.  Help me to embrace those in need as you did in mercy and charity.  Give me the humility to trust in you and to see your presence in those you bring to us.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike