From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

The ‘T-Moments!’  Most of us have had them at some point in our lives.  Those moments that sneak up on us and transform our lives.  We move from the world of college into the world of work.  We find our true love and get married.  We have our first child.  A terminal illness or tragic accident hits someone in our family.  And with each of these events, there is that moment when the coming reality confronts us – When we must start to deal with the change that is to come.  We have to look into our hearts and souls and answer the question – am I ready? Can I do this?

T-Moments are moments of Truth.  They often begin to form a moment of terror when we are confronted with a reality we feel totally unprepared to handle.  We require the support, the guidance, and the encouragement of others.  Soon terror is replaced by trepidation as you start to have some confidence that maybe, just maybe you can make it through.  Trepidation gives way to trust as you come to realize that yes, you can get through.  And in these moments of truth we grow, we are transformed, and we are transfigured, through the truth as we learn to trust in God.

 “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church!”   Peter is about to face his biggest Moment of Truth yet.  But he will not be alone as he will have his apostle to support him and help to build a solid foundation.  Most of all, he will have Jesus who will stretch out his hand to pick him up as fear creeps in to try and steal him back.  Jesus has an appointment with destiny.  He has prepared Peter and the others with a solid foundation.  A foundation of prayer – our communication with God at any time we need it.  A foundation of truth given through the scriptures – the teachings of Jesus.  A foundation of humility, compassion, and obedience to God’s will as modeled by Jesus. A foundation of trust in God’s will fed and nurtured by the great gift of the Eucharist – Christ himself – body and blood, soul and divinity!

Foundations are important because they give us stability, they give us grounding and they give us focus.  They provide both parameters and modeling for us to understand how to live in relationship to God and to one another.  Jesus even tells us earlier in Matthew’s gospel to build your house on a solid foundation and not on shifting sands.  Peter through the inspiration and direction of Jesus, the papacy, and church teachings gives us a solid foundation.  All of these foundations are grounded in humility of heart and a desire to know and follow God’s will as their core foundation.  Through our moments of truth, we are called to rest upon this foundation with the assurance that God will give us what we need.

In SVdP, we have solid foundations as well – foundations built through humility, prayer and care for those who are most vulnerable. The greatest gift we can give to those we encounter is to walk with them as they confront their T-moments, to help them to move past the terror and into the grace and trust of God Himself.  It is here that they are transformed.  It is here that WE are transformed as well.  How and when have I walked with someone to help them confront a moment of truth turning it into a moment of trust and transformation?

Father, grace me with the humility to submit to the Rule in my ministry.  Allow me to be a part of the fabric of the Society, inspired by Vincent, Blessed Virgin Mary and Frederic, trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Through prayer and humility, let me serve with and for my fellow Vincentians as we work to grow in holiness.  And bring me in humility and patience before our masters, the poor, offering gentleness and kindness that their wounds and mine might be healed.  Father, if it be your will, grant that Blessed Frederic be canonized for all his good works.  I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen

Deacon Mike