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February 24 – Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time


“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you…give to everyone who asks of you, be merciful…stop judging…stop condemning…forgive.”   REALLY??  This must be simply metaphorical or a suggestion - right?  Jesus is on a roll in his Sermon on the Plain.  He follows up

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February 17 – Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Luke’s gospel this week does not mince words in his telling of the Beatitudes.  Where Matthew says “Blessed are the poor in spirit”, Luke is more direct – “Blessed are the poor.”  Matthew’s gospel seems to be more about attitudes while Luke is more about choice and action.  The message is take care of the poor,

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February 10 – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Our readings this week present to us three men called by God:  Isaiah, Paul and Simon (Peter) – all of whom are certainly not the prototypical ‘candidates’ you would consider for doing God’s work.  Isaiah was a man of unclean lips (certainly sinful); Paul was a persecutor of Christians; and Simon was a simple fisherman with

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February 3 – Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time


Sometimes even truth and love are not well accepted in the places you would most expect them to be.  Our readings this week carry a message of ‘the scriptures being fulfilled in the hearing.’  That doesn’t mean everyone likes what they hear.  And Jesus tells us that ‘no prophet is accepted in his native place.’  When

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January 27 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


Our second reading this week talks about the many parts of one body.  We are all part of the body and all have equal roles to play.  We all support the one body – the Church united as the bride of Christ to give glory, honor and praise to God our Father.  In our Gospel, Jesus

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January 13 – Baptism of the Lord


Why was Jesus baptized?  He had no sin, no need for repentance which John the Baptist was offering.  Even John questioned Jesus being baptized by him.  It seemed backwards to him.  But it was necessary to reverse the sin of Adam and the course of history.  The Baptism of Jesus serves as the bridge between his

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January 6 – Epiphany of the Lord


What an astounding scene it must have been at the Epiphany.  Three wise-men see a star and trust totally in its direction to come in search of a baby boy to do him homage.  Mary and Joseph have endured hardships trusting completely in the guidance of an angel.  We know these events changed the course of

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December 23 – Fourth Sunday of Advent


Two women come together and rejoice in their shared good news.  Both are to give birth, even though by human measure, neither should have been able.  One was thought too old and the other had not had relations with a man.  And yet, both understood that nothing is impossible for God.  Both rejoiced that God was

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December 16 – Third Sunday of Advent (Guadete Sunday)


Our readings this week are full of joy as we anticipate and feel the presence of the Lord coming toward us.  Rejoice!  I say it again rejoice.  And the second sentiment is kindness and charity.  John the Baptist gives voice to the charity which Jesus will both model and preach when he comes.  Paul tells us

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