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June 30– Thirteenth Sunday Ordinary Time


Jesus is on a mission and not everyone is happy with what he has to say.  He is heading toward his final destiny on earth.  Along the way challenges will come for both him and his followers.  Many follow Jesus when things are good but fall away when times get difficult.  Paul reminds us in his

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June 23 – Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi Sunday)


Do you believe in miracles?  This week we celebrate the greatest miracle of all time – when Jesus makes himself present to us through the transformation of bread and wine into his Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, to be with us in the most intimate way.  This miracle happens every time we go to mass,

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June 16 – Holy Trinity Sunday


This week we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity – the union of three persons in one.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit all working together in total harmony.  Each compliments the others.  The three are inextricably linked.  One does not act independent of the other two.  Total alignment.  St. Catherine Sienna says “The Father is the

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June 9 – Pentecost Sunday


Potential blossoms into passionate performance!!  Jesus has taught the apostles, he has given them both the example of his life as well as experiences in ministry, he has given them the plan for the future, and now he has equipped them with the inspiration and confidence of the Holy Spirit.  They have been emboldened to take

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June 2 – Ascension Sunday


Jesus finishes his ministry here on earth.  He sees his apostles for the final time but assures them that they will have a new presence of God, the Holy Spirit to be with them and to guide them.  He instructs them not to try and go forward without the Spirit.  For their power and strength comes

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Summer Breeze is On! May through August


Many of our neighbors have to fight the heat of summer with no comfort of having a fan or air conditioner to help them. Donations made to St. Vincent de Paul NKY for this program are used to purchase A/Cs and fans and are given to clients demonstrating a medical need for that assistance. Donations can

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May 26 – Sixth Sunday of Easter


In our first reading from Acts we see the apostles finding the need to have structure and rules around who teaches and how for the church.  Some have gone out ‘without a mandate’ upsetting people with their teachings.  Through the history of the Church, we have seen the wisdom in having a teaching authority and rules

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May 19 – Fifth Sunday of Easter


“I give you a new commandment:  love one another.  As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.”  Our Gospel message is so straight forward and to the point!  Love one another!  No equivocation!  No conditions!  No qualifiers!  Just love one another!  At the end of the day this is the greatest need

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