From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts


January 12 – Baptism of the Lord


This week we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord.  A baptism he did not have to have.  And yet he did because it was the will of the Father that he be connected to us in our humanity and we be connected to him.  Through his baptism, he ushered in the hope of the future.  The Spirit descended upon him as He does on us.  In Baptism we are graced with the desire of our faith and the protection and guidance of our Lord.  In Baptism, Jesus claims us and says this is my brother / sister with whom I am well pleased!  In His baptism he models for us the depth of humility that carries an unconditional acceptance of the will of the Father and a commitment to the sacrifices ahead.  He embraces our weaknesses, our fears, our sins as his.  His humility broke the sin of Adam’s pride.   It calls each of us by our baptism to strive for the same humility in our lives.  It calls each of us to follow our Lord and Savior as we embrace the Divine Providence of God.

As Vincentians, we are called to be the beacons of hope to those whom we encounter.  Through our faith and trust in God, we help to instill in others a desire for healing and hope.  When we embrace the challenges of our neighbors in need as our own, we make present to them the love of God.  In humility we are called to walk with them, trusting in each other and in God’s plan for each of us.  Do I embrace my neighbors by showing them my trust in God that they too may come to trust in Him?  Do I bring God into all my visits through prayer – before, during and after – that the Spirit might guide us?

Lord Jesus, I pray that I may get out of the way today and let you lead me where you will.  Let me seek the wisdom of those to whom I minister and share with them the gifts with which you bless me.  Let me witness to your Word Lord through my words, my actions, and my love. Let humility wash over me as it washed over you, and grace me with total trust in your will.  Let the waters of my baptism cleanse me and prepare me that I may be sufficient in service to you.  We pray all of this in your name.



Deacon Mike