From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

January 24 – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

One thing this pandemic has surely taught us is that every minute we have is a blessing from God.  There is no guarantee for tomorrow for any of us, but there is overriding hope for each of us, if we but welcome our Lord’s presence with a passion.  Pope Francis tells us that “our time is not our time, but God’s time.”  He implores us to spread the Good News with passion and urgency.  There is an urgency to our readings this week as well.  The apostles drop everything – literally – and follow Jesus.  Saint Paul tells us “time is running out!”  Our Responsorial Psalm this week is a prayer from King David for forgiveness and guidance.  “Teach me your ways, O Lord.”  It expresses our desire to learn God’s ways, to be taught His ways and to be guided in His ways.  We have confidence in his compassion and goodness.  The section for this week concludes “He guides the humble to justice and teaches the humble his way.”  Just as Jonah and the apostles responded to God’s call, each of us is likewise called to respond with urgency and passion.  We are called to seek God’s will in l we do.  We are called to humbly and joyfully submit to God’s will for ourselves and others.  We need to abandon the distraction that draw us away, turning quickly and completely to Him in prayer and hope.


As Vincentians, this prayer of David should be our prayer as well.  For we desire first and foremost to grow in holiness.  It is through prayer and discernment of God’s will for us that we grow in holiness.  It is by coming to know and follow His ways – His will for us – that we discover the depth of His love for us and those we minister to.  In humility, we open ourselves to His guidance that we may live His will.  Do I come in humility to prayer and discernment honestly and earnestly seeking His will and guidance?  Do I trust completely so that I might follow where He leads me – even when it is not comfortable?  Do I abandon the distractions in my life and follow Him with urgency and passion?

Lord Jesus, teach me your ways!  Make your ways known to me.  Guide me in your truth.  In your kindness, remember me.  Open my heart to your will for me.  Allow me to walk humbly, following where you might lead me.  Make your ways my ways that I might walk fully in your love.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike