We are in the ‘season of parables’ – a time in the gospels when we here parable after parable instructing us in how to life. Why? (A question even the apostles ask). Because Jesus goes to the people where they are at. He goes to them in a way they can understand, reaching out to draw them in. He tries to touch them and reach them in any way he can to draw them into the kingdom of heaven. Pope Francis is very much like this in his approach. It is about the person and a focus on the person. The church goes to meet them where they are at, to talk with them, to walk with them, to love them. It is not about the person needing to first conform to the church.

For us as Vincentians, this concept is so important. Our Lord brings many people before us. People in all different positions of need. People with all different levels of faith and understanding. And we are called to meet them where they are at, to talk with them, to walk with them and to love them. Do we accept people where they are at, or do we try to conform them to new thinking and new ways that they are not yet familiar with?

Father, allow me to venture out, meeting those you bring to me where they are at. Allow me to accept them for who they are. Allow me to love them for who they are and to see your presence in them. Give me the grace to embrace them, serving in humility and love. I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen
Deacon Mike