Jesus finishes his ministry here on earth.  He sees his apostles for the final time but assures them that they will have a new presence of God, the Holy Spirit to be with them and to guide them.  He instructs them not to try and go forward without the Spirit.  For their power and strength comes not from within them, but from God himself.  In this, they take great joy!  We too are called to recognize in humility that we are nothing without God.  He is the source of any good which we are able to accomplish.  Like the apostles, we should go forward with joy in our hearts for the gift which God has given to us.

As Vincentians, we need to always remember the importance of going first to God in prayer before all visits.  It is from God, in the person of the Spirit that we receive the inspiration and guidance we need – the words to say and actions to take.  Our joy and the joy of those to whom we minister, comes from the presence and hope of God seen in one another.  Do I always go to prayer FIRST when ministering to others?  Do I recognize that it is only through God that I can be effective?  Do I seek and reflect both His guidance and His joy in all I do?

Lord Jesus Christ, give me your Spirit that I might have the courage and wisdom to make your presence known.  Let me always walk in humility seeking your will through prayer.  Help me to listen intently with a willing Spirit to go where you lead me.  Allow me the grace to go forth with great joy, rejoicing in the gifts you have given me.   I pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike