This week we find ourselves between extreme opposites. We go from the depths of the dessert where we are confronted with temptation, despair, hunger, weakness and darkness as we come face to face with the devil and all his cunning; to the transfiguration moment, when we come face to face with God in all His glory and majesty. In the later, we are reminded of the promise and hope that is offered to us when we are confronted with the dark moments in our lives. Each of us I suspect has had transfiguration moments in our lives to a greater or lesser degree. Some are simply aha moments when the presence and reality of heaven are apparent. Others are truly transformation moments which are life altering for us. All are moments of grace bestowed upon us by God to provide us the hope, encouragement and strength to continue in our journey toward heaven.

As Vincentians, we are blessed with the opportunity to on occasion be the tool that God uses to provide transformative moments to those whom we encounter in our ministry. It may be clients or other Vincentians – or simply someone observing that which we do. The moments may be small glimmers of hope brought about by the food we offer or the words we speak. On occasion we may be blessed to see lives truly change before our eyes. In all instances, we are challenged to be open to the movement of God in our lives and through us into the lives of others. When we open ourselves to be His vessel, we allow Christ Himself to shine through for all to see – including ourselves.

Lord Jesus, use me as your vessel. Allow me to empty myself of my concerns, my prejudices, and my self – centeredness that I may make room for you to be truly present. If it be your will, use me to be a vehicle of transfiguration moments for others that they may come to know you and love you and serve you.

We pray all of this in your name.

Deacon Mike