From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

May 3 – Fourth Sunday of Easter

This week we hear about a voice that is truer and sweeter, more powerful and strong, steadier than any other voice – the voice of the Good Shepherd – the voice of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the Good Shepherd.  Our shepherd into eternity!  From our very birth He begins to call to us.  During these times of fear, uncertainty and separation, it can become harder to hear His voice.  But it is His voice that cuts through the darkness when we listen closely.  Perhaps one of the blessings of these times will be that we became better listeners – better at prayer.  Through prayer and a focus on His voice, Jesus will lead us through these times if only we let him.

As Vincentians, do we listen intently for the voice of the Lord?  Only in prayer, discernment and openness of heart can we hear the truth of His voice above the thoughts and sounds of our own desires; and the doubts and fears we are confronted with daily.  Do we truly look for His guidance in the decisions we make daily for ourselves and our clients?  The pandemic has turned lives upside down.  Patience, compassion and trust in God must be our steadying influences.  As Jesus walks with us, we are called to walk with others listening to their stories and offering them the calm and the hope of our Lord Jesus.  And we only can hear that when we listen intently, wait patiently and walk humbly.  Am I a good shepherd to those I minister to, trusting in God to lead the way?  Have I made my ministry even more grounded in prayer as we have been forced to find new pathways?

Lord Jesus, Help me to overcome my fears during this time.  As I am separated from the celebration of your liturgy, let me draw ever closer to you in prayer.  Open my ears that I may hear your will for me in all decisions I make.  Give me the courage to hear and share the truth of your words.  Allow me to submit humbly to all you call me to and all you ask of me.  Allow me to take the time to seek your wisdom, listening constantly that I may not go astray. Give me the grace to spread your calm and your hope to all I encounter.   Make my heart burn with the desire to do your will always.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike