Our readings this week call us to prayer, to persistence, to the truth of scripture and the Church, and to faithfulness to God’s Divine Providence.  All of these tie together, and are grounded first in our understanding of scripture and Church teaching, recognizing what is true and right.  This allows us to understand God’s will for us (Divine Providence) when we pray.  Our payer needs to be persistent and not simply convenient.  When we pray, seeking God’s will rather than our own, and we pray with persistence, we trust in the presence of the Spirit and the hope of our Lord.


As Vincentians, we must carry both the simplicity of the truth of faith with us when we minister to our neighbors in need, as well as a persistence and patience in prayer that seeks God’s will and justice in all situations.  Our faith and trust in God, shown through humility and mercy, is the greatest gift we give to others.  Do I prayer before, during and after every home visit?  Do I truly trust in God, seeking His will in all things rather than trying to convince Him of the importance of my request?  Do I look to understand God’s will by first understanding His teachings that I might know Him?  Am I patient and persistent in my prayer, offering it in truth and seeking truth in return?


Lord Jesus, increase my understanding of your Word.  Allow me the grace to remain faithful to your teachings, seeking always to accept and embrace your will for me and others.  Give me the strength to remain steadfast in my prayers seeking your will not mine.  Allow me to join my prayers to those of my neighbors that together we may strengthen each other in seeking and accepting your will.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen


Deacon Mike