From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

October 24 – Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“The Lord delivers his people!”  Do we believe this?  Do we believe that He will take care of us?  Do we believe He has our backs?  This is the question posed to us in our readings this week.  It is easy to say yes.  I would suggest it is much more difficult to believe it with all our heart.  When we are faced with adversity in our lives, do we trust completely that God “has this”?  Our first reading tells us God will deliver his people.  There is no challenge, no adversity, no handicap too great to be overcome by God’s care for us.  Our biggest obstacle to God’s redeeming love for us is our own lack of trust, of faith and of obedience to his will.

Our gospel is the story of the blind Bartimaeus, who throws away his cloak in total trust, obedience and faith in the Lord.  He doesn’t walk away because the cost is too steep like the wealthy man from two weeks ago.  He doesn’t place conditions for following Jesus like James and John did last week.  His cloak is all he has.  It is his prize possession which brings him comfort and security – but he does not hesitate.  He has total faith and total trust in Jesus. And he follows him with total commitment.  He is rewarded for his trust, receiving far more than he gave up.  We too are called to bring our needs to Jesus and to have total trust that he will provide for all that we need.  Do we have the faith of Bartimaeus?

As Vincentians, we should not look within ourselves for answers to our problems or those of our brothers and sisters in need.  We should look only in one place.  We should look to God, turning to him in prayer, and listening intently for the answers he provides.  He alone has the answers we need to all things.  As we care for our neighbors in need, the greatest gift we give them is hope – hope born out of total trust in Jesus.  How completely do I trust that God will provide me the answers I need?  How do I approach God in prayer – with thanksgiving and a seeking of His will in all things or with requests to meet our desires?

Lord Jesus, help me to trust in you as Bartimaeus did.  Give me the courage to let go of all that keeps me from a total commitment to you.  Help me to seek your will in all things. We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike