Our readings this week are all about the virtue of humility.  We are all called to humility by God.  We must take care not to exalt ourselves – or claim a higher place than others – and we should take care to exalt or elevate others – especially those who are in need.   Humility calls us to a strength of character to set ourselves to the side in deference to others – and most importantly, to the will of God.   In humility, we seek the will of God for us in all things recognizing that it is only by and through God’s will that we are able to do anything.

As Vincentians, we are called specifically to a charism to care for those in need.  God graces us with the privilege to be His instruments in bringing peace and hope to those who He brings before us.   He blesses us with the opportunity to grow in holiness by growing in humility through our service to the poor.  When we embrace them in love and compassion, we embrace Him.  Do I truly seek His will in humility, welcoming all challenges He brings to me?  Do I exalt the poor and those in need, seeing in them the presence of Christ?  Do I place their needs before my needs?

Lord Jesus, give me the humility to trust in you and to see your presence in those you bring to us. Help me to exalt others and their needs above my own.  Allow me to honor you and glorify you by my obedience to your will for me. We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike