From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

September 5 – Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Say to those whose hearts are frightened:  be strong, fear not! Here is your God…he comes to save you.”  Our readings this week speak to faith, trust and action.  Faith that we need not be afraid because God comes to save us from all that looks to harm us.  Trust that he will heal us and give us all that we need.  And a call to action for all of us to care for the weak, the vulnerable and the frightened.  A call to act in harmony bringing others before the Lord without regard to their station in life, that he may lift them up; that we may all be opened to hear and see the truth of God’s love for us.

Notice in the gospel though, Jesus took the deaf man whom the people brought to him off by himself to remove him from the crowd.  He took him from the noise of the world that he might be able to hear the words of Jesus, feel his healing touch, and see his loving compassion without distractions and confusion.  It was the faith and love of others though that delivered the deaf man into the presence of God.

As Vincentians, this goes right to the heart of our ministry and how we grow in holiness.  We care for the poor and vulnerable and learn from them the importance of dependence on others.   Not only do we see it in their very lives, but we learn through OUR dependence on others to help us care for them.  We are reminded of the importance for us to act, bringing others before Jesus.  We are called to act with confidence and trust, born out of our faith that God has come to save us and those he brings before us.  Our faith calls us to act on behalf of others helping to quiet the noise and distractions in their lives that they may see, hear and feel God’s presence and saving action in their lives.  We strive to work in harmony with one another, recognizing that we are not the authors of healing, but rather that we bring others before God, seeking His will and healing for them.  How do I work in harmony with my fellow Vincentians to care for those who are frightened and vulnerable?  How do I remove the noise of distractions from my life – and the lives of others – that we may more clearly hear God’s will?  How do I set my prejudices and judgements to the side, seeking only to sing the praise of God from the depths of my soul?

Lord Jesus, help me to view all peoples through your lens of total love, mercy and compassion.  Take away my judgements and prejudices.  Help me to trust in my dependence on you for myself and for others.  Grace me with the zeal to bring others before you, seeking your healing presence in their lives.  Help me to grow in humility, giving praise and glory to you forever.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike