On the surface our readings this weekend appear to be almost anti-Christian as they imply we must hate our mother and father, sister and brother.  The point Jesus is making though is that we must let nothing stand in the way of our following Jesus if we wish to be his disciple.  His call is not to hate our parents, but to hate anything which stands in the way of our listening to and following His call.  We must not allow the insignificant events of our lives, the desires and distractions we are all drawn to, to cause us to lose our focus.  We must not only be vigilant, but we must also be intentional in our desire to follow Jesus.

As Vincentians, we sometimes find ourselves confronted by situations and people who create challenges for us.  Jesus challenges us to seek His will in all cases, and to be obedient to His will even when it is not comfortable or convenient.  It is only through patience, prayer and humility that we are able to continually move forward to grow in holiness by discerning and following His will in all circumstances.  Do I seek God’s will in all things?  Do I accept that which Jesus calls me to, even when it is uncomfortable?  Does my love for Jesus transcend all else in my life?

Lord Jesus, give me the courage to seek only your will in my life.  Allow me to humbly submit to you, even when I am drawn in other directions.  Help me to diminish in my own desires that I might increase in my complete love for you.  Give me the grace and humility to set myself to the side so that I might be your disciple in all things.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike