April 28 – Divine Mercy Sunday

“Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”  It is a clarion call to have faith, to believe, even in the face of serious doubts.  But here is Thomas, one of those closest to Jesus, who had to ‘see’ in order to come to belief.  Can you really blame him?  The disciples are hidden away out of fear.  Their Messiah has been crucified and now here they are telling Thomas about Jesus coming back.  I fear I would have had the doubts of Thomas.  Sometimes even now for us – or certainly for me – faith can be hard.  When we are hurting, or suffering, or things just are not going the way I think they should, the questions creep in and our faith is tested.  But notice, Jesus is patient with Thomas and does show him His wounds that he might come to see and understand – and have faith.  On this, Divine Mercy Sunday, Jesus is patient with us as well.  He is well pleased with those who have total faith with no doubts, but is merciful to those who have doubts and continues to call us to Him in merciful love.

As Vincentians, we minister to those who are hurting and suffering in life.  We look to grow in holiness by overcoming our own woundedness, fears and prejudices as we minister to others.  We are the wounds of Christ that they may see His love and goodness through us and rejoice in the hope he brings them.  In the strength of their faith, we are reminded of Christ’s call to us to live in faith even when it is difficult.  Am I patient with those I minister to, as Christ is patient with me?  Am I merciful to others as He is to me?  Does their faith and woundedness help me to be strengthened in my faith and trust in God?

Lord Jesus, help me to overcome my doubts and fears, trusting always in your goodness, mercy and love.  Allow me to be the wounds of your cross, which help strengthen the faith and hope of others.  Help me to minister with patience and humility, always helping others to see you in all things.   We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike