Who Are Vincentians

We trace our Northern Kentucky roots back to 1923 when a group of our Vincentians in Newport wrote a report to the Bishop of Covington informing him of the acts of charity and kindness they performed in their neighborhood that year.

We are the people who sit next to you in church each week. Our over 640 Northern Kentucky Vincentians are our volunteers who perform all of our charitable acts for their neighbors in need. They see the need in our community and realize they are called to do something to help meet that need. They bring food, clothing, shelter and other gifts of kindness and charity to their neighbors to make lives a little bit better. Most of all, by coming to their neighbors’ homes to visit with them, they bring the love of God and the message that tomorrow can be much better than today. In those we serve, we see the face of God and we have the daunting task of being the face of God for them.

We are your neighbors who would love for you to join our local Conference in your parish neighborhood. The map below shows where our conferences are located. Help us bring the message of HOPE to our neighbors and change two lives for the better….theirs and even more so yours. Contact Sister Mary Judith Niewahner, SND, Conference Relations Manager at 859-446-7721 or smjudith.niewahner@svdpnky.org and find out how you can join us on our faith journey and also make Northern Kentucky an even better place to call home.

Vincentian Volunteer

We have Vincentian volunteers in 29 parishes. Join them and experience the joy that comes with helping a person stay in their home or providing food to the hungry.

Northern Kentucky Area Parish Locations

All Saints
62 Needmore St, Walton, KY

Blessed Sacrament
2409 Dixie Hwy, Ft. Mitchell, KY

Cathedral Basilica
1140 Madison Ave, Covington, KY

Divine Mercy
312 Poplar St, Bellevue, KY

Holy Cross
3612 Church St., Latonia, KY

Immaculate Heart of Mary
5876 Veterans Way, Burlington, KY

Mary Queen of Heaven
1150 Donaldson Hwy, Erlanger, KY

Mother of God
119 West 6th St., Covington, KY

St. Agnes
1680 Dixie Hwy, Ft. Wright, KY

St. Joseph

2470 Lorraine Ct, Crescent Springs

St. Pius X

348 Dudley Pike, Edgewood, KY

St. Anthony (Taylor Mill)
485 Grand Ave, Taylor Mill, KY

St. Augustine
1839 Euclid Ave, Covington, KY

St. Augustine and St. James

203 E 4th St, Augusta, KY 41002

122 Garrett Ave, Brooksville, KY 41004

St. Barbara
4042 Turkeyfoot Rd, Florence, KY

St. Benedict
338 East 17th St, Covington, KY

St. Bernard
401 Berry St., Dayton, KY

St. Boniface-James
304 Oak St, Ludlow, KY

St. Cecilia
5313 Madison Pk, Independence, KY

St. John the Baptist
1307 Johns Hill Rd, Wilder, KY

St. John Evangelist
507 5th Street Carrollton, KY

St. Henry
3813 Dixie Hwy, Elsmere, KY 41018

St. Joseph
4011 Alexandria Pk, Cold Spring, KY

St. Mary/Inner City Newport
8246 East Main St, Alexandria, Ky

St. Paul
7301 Dixie Hwy, Florence, KY

Sts. Peter and Paul
2162 California Crossroads, California, KY

St. Phillip
1401 Mary Ingles Hwy, Melbourne, KY

St. Therese
11 Temple Pl, Southgate, KY

St. Thomas
26 Villa Pl, Ft. Thomas, KY

St. Timothy
10272 US Hwy 42 Union, KY

St. William
6 Church, Williamstown, KY

Camp Springs