The teachings of Jesus are hard.  This was very true for his teaching on the Eucharist.  But it isn’t the only teaching that can be challenging.  It is what Jesus calls each of us to – the response he wants from us to the Eucharist and especially his call to love one another even our enemies, to care for the poor, to forgive and not judge – the call to humility.  This week we also celebrate one of our great Marian feasts with the Assumption of Mary.  It reminds of of our Blessed Mother’s response to God – her total and complete “YES” even to that which she did not understand.

As Vincentians, the Blessed Mother as our patroness provides us the perfect example of the response we are called to by God.  She listens for his will always putting God and others before herself.  She seeks to glorify Him by embracing all that he gives her – even though it brings great pain and suffering to her.  She is humility personified in all she says and does.  We too are called to discern and listen for God’s will for us.  We are called to walk humbly embracing those who he sends before us on total love.  Do I listen for God’s will accepting it with zeal and passion?  Do I turn my life over to Him, taking all things into my heart, that He might do with me as He will?

Lord Jesus, grant me the listening ear and heart of Mary that I might quiet myself and discern only your will for me and those whom you bring before me.  Allow me to act in complete humility, submitting always to your will first.  Let me never lose my thirst for your nourishment in the Eucharist that I may be forever fed by your love, compassion and mercy.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike