FAQ – Frequently Asked Donation Questions

How do I donate?

For free truck pick-up please call (859)446-7719.  A donation of $20 to offset our increasing transportation expenses would be appreciated, but is not required. The donation can be made online or with the representative when scheduling.  The drivers do not accept cash or checks at this time.

You can also donate directly to our thrift stores.

How should I prepare my donation?

Please have all smaller items bagged and boxed. Please have items outside on the street level and clearly labelled for St. Vincent de Paul.

Does SVdP go upstairs or downstairs to gather the items? What if there is an elevator?

No. Due to liability issues, we do not go upstairs or downstairs. Three to four steps are okay if items are not too heavy.

Do the items have to be on the curb or can they come inside the house?

All furniture can be picked up from inside your home as long as they are readily accessible and disassembled (if disassembly is necessary). We do not rearrange furniture to get to the items you are donating. This helps us avoid damaging your furniture and home.

Do we accept baby items?

Baby items such as cribs, playpens, bouncers and car seats among others are subject to recall. Since we do not keep up with what specific items are being recalled, we want to ensure the safety of all infants and small children, by not accepting donations of baby items or selling them. However, we do accept baby clothing, shoes, and blankets.

Can the truck pick up food?

Yes, if you have cans of food or groceries to donate. Please call us at (859) 446-7719.

Do you provide a tax deductible receipt?

Yes, we provide a receipt at the time of donation.

How do I value my donations?

According to the IRS, we are not appraisers of your donations; please refer to IRS link http://www.irs.gov/publications/p561/ar02.html#d0e556. Please discuss with your accountant to determine the value of your donated goods.

How does shopping at our thrift stores help the community?

By shopping at our stores, you fund our charitable programs and services in Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Carroll, Pendleton and Grant Counties caring for the disadvantaged, poor and low income. Our volunteers throughout the community also rely on our stores to assist with the provision of free clothing, furniture, and household items for needy families they serve.

Does the Society of St. Vincent de Paul give away clothes, furniture or anything else?

Yes. Through our charitable works we give away clothing, household items, beds and furniture. Please call our assistance help line at (859)341-3219 Monday-Friday from 10 -2.

How do you determine your prices?

Our prices are set by trained pricers with years of experience. The price is determined by many variables, condition, brand, trend, wear, original price, style, color, size, quantity and floor space. Even with years of experience, we can still make mistakes. You are welcome to speak to a supervisor to discuss why the price is marked as it is. We welcome your feedback on our pricing.