Sometimes even truth and love are not well accepted in the places you would most expect them to be.  Our readings this week carry a message of ‘the scriptures being fulfilled in the hearing.’  That doesn’t mean everyone likes what they hear.  And Jesus tells us that ‘no prophet is accepted in his native place.’  When you proclaim the gospels – the truth of Jesus Christ and what he calls us to – many do not want to hear –even those you would think receptive.  Our challenge is to hold fast to the truth, delivering it with love and kindness to those who will hear it.

As Vincentians, we will find some we minister to who do not want to hear the truth of their situation or the gospel.  One of the virtues we are called to by St. Vincent is simplicity.  For St. Vincent, simplicity meant speaking the truth by being open, honest and authentic in all our dealings.  He also calls us to gentleness and humility.  These speak to how we deliver truth – with kindness and patience reflecting the teachings and love of Christ.  Do I seek to be honest with my neighbors in need even when the message is difficult to deliver?  Do I discern God’s will in all things that I may act in the fullness of truth?

Father, help me to seek your will and truth in all situations.  Give me the courage to be true to the virtue of simplicity when ministering to others.  Grace me with the gentleness to deliver even difficult messages with compassion and mercy.  I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen

Deacon Mike