In our gospel today, Jesus is found healing and attending to the needs of others.  Many are brought to him as evidenced by Simon’s comment “everyone is looking for you.”  But Jesus has bigger plans than ‘simply ministering’ to the sick.  He is about spreading the good news through both word and deed so that God might be glorified.  He also knows the importance of prayer – constant communication with God – in making this happen.  The healings, the miracles, the service to others are all very important ministries – Jesus wouldn’t bother with them if they weren’t – but they are not the mission.  Look beyond Jesus’ activities to what he says to the apostles:  “For this purpose have I come.”  His purpose is the glorification of God the Father.

As Vincentian’s we have all faced times when it seems like the need and the number of people can be overwhelming.  We can easily lose sight of the broader purpose and mission in the business of ministering to those in need.  Let us never forget the need to stop and prayer, reflect and spend time with God to recharge ourselves.  Let us also remember that our purpose – our mission – is to first grow in holiness and glorify God.  Do I always stay focused on the broader purpose?  Do I always remember that I am totally dependent on God as I minister to His people?

Lord Jesus, help me to always keep your purpose for our ministry in the forefront of my thoughts.  Provide me with humility that I may know all things are possible only through you.  Help me to care for those you bring to me that they may know your love and see the Glory of God that brings hope to all situations.    We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike