From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

February 9 – Fifth Sunday Ordinary Time

In our first reading from Isaiah we hear these words from the Lord “share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless, clothe the naked when you see them, and do not turn your back on your own.”  These are all about living out the Beatitudes we heard in last week’s gospel.  This week’s gospel has Jesus providing his ‘follow up’ to those Beatitudes.  It is his call to action that we must be light for the world.  We are to take the blessing he has given us and carry it out – caring for others.

As Vincentians, we are graced every day with the opportunity to live out these Beatitudes through our ministry to others.  We do so with humility, realizing that only through prayer and the nourishment of the Eucharist are we able to embrace that which God gives us.  We proclaim His goodness and love, showing His light to the world, not through our words but through our prayers and actions.  Our ministry will only be as good as our devotion to the source of the light, Jesus Christ.  Let us come often in prayer, praise and worship, seeking strength through the Eucharist that we may share it fully.

Lord Jesus, you are the source of all goodness and light.  Draw me into your Eucharist that I may be infused with the strength of your love, driven by the depth of your mercy and compassion, and fueled by your immeasurable hope.  Give me the strength to live the Beatitudes that your light might shine through me.  Never let me lose sight of my love for you, my need for you, and your will for me.  Let me be your humble servant.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen


Deacon Mike