What an astounding scene it must have been at the Epiphany.  Three wise-men see a star and trust totally in its direction to come in search of a baby boy to do him homage.  Mary and Joseph have endured hardships trusting completely in the guidance of an angel.  We know these events changed the course of history because we already have the rest of the story.  We know of Jesus’ ministry, his passion, death and resurrection.  But Mary, the apostles, the magi – none of them knew because the play book was still being written.  It was still 30 years before Jesus was to begin his ministry and revelation would begin to unveil the full mystery of the Incarnation.  All they had to go on was trust in the words of an angel and faith in the guidance of a star.  They all give us the ultimate example of having faith and putting our trust in God.  They all come to this historic point, full and trust and full of humility centered entirely on the notion of giving glory and paying homage to a little child who is their God.  Jesus teaches us to change ourselves to conform to God – and by changing ourselves, through our witness and example, we begin to open the door to change for others.  It is our job to bear witness to Christ through our lives.  God will take care of changing the hearts of those who see us.

As Vincentians, do we approach our ministry and those we care for with the same heart, the same trust and the same humility with which the magi, Mary and Joseph came to the Epiphany?  For it is Christ himself who we minister to.  We are called to center ourselves fully and completely on His will.  He is our Lord and we give him glory and praise by doing him homage.  Vincent told us the poor are our Lords and masters.  Do we truly see them as such, and seek and accept God’s will for both them and us?

Father, may I see your presence in the poor and bow down in homage before them.  Help me to truly embrace making you the center of my life, acting with total humility and selflessness.  Give me the zeal and passion to focus all my efforts on caring for others as you did.  Let me see the light of your presence in the poor, and allow me to reflect that same light back to them by my actions.  I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen

Deacon Mike