“Lord, teach us to pray.”  Jesus can be constantly found in prayer throughout his ministry.  Seeing this, the apostles sought to learn how to properly pray.  His gift to them and to us is the Our Father.  It is a prayer which offers praise to God, gives glory to who He is, and properly makes requests.  Prayer must be at the forefront of each of our lives.  Authentic prayer recognizes who Jesus is and submits humbly to His will.  It recognizes that it is only through His will that we are able to accomplish anything as He is the source of all goodness.

As Vincentians, prayer is essential to guide us to right decisions and to avoid burnout.  Without prayer, we can easily be overwhelmed by the need before us.  Prayer must be in all things we do.  Especially as we visit our neighbors in need, we need to pray before during and after each visit.  Do I pray before during and after home visits?  Do I pray as Jesus taught us to begin the day and end the day, giving him praise and seeking His will?

Lord Jesus, teach me to pray.  Give me the humility to understand that you are the source of all that I need.  Help me seek your will for myself and for our neighbors in need.  Help me to embrace that which you place before me with boldness and passion.   We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike