“Where did he get all this? What kind of wisdom is he endowed with? How is it that such miraculous deeds are accomplished by his hands?.”  The people are amazed at what Jesus is able to do.  We should be equally amazed for He is the great healer – of all things!  We are his instruments here on earth, guided by the Spirit whom He gave to us.  Our Gospel Acclamation tells us that “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor.”  Nothing is impossible for our Lord and His mercy is overwhelming.  We should “fix our eyes on the Lord and plead for His mercy.”

As Vincentians, this call should have special meaning to us as we go to the poor, offering God’s mercy and healing.  We should also recognize that no circumstances or difficulties are beyond our Lord’s ability to hear.  We bring His healing and mercy to all whom we visit when we keep our eyes fixed on His will.  Do I come to the poor, the vulnerable and all those in need with my eyes fixed on Christ that He might work through me?  Am I an instrument of His love?  Do I stand in awe and wonderment recognizing the true hope He brings to all?

Lord Jesus, help me to fix my eyes only on you.  Give me the courage to be your instrument in ministry to all those in need.  With true humility and great zeal let me take your healing and mercy to all you bring before me.  As I look in wonderment at all your works, help me to share the joy, the hope and the glad tidings of your great love out to all.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike