This week we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist on Sunday.  That is unusual in two ways.  First, feast days don’t normally trump the Sunday liturgy.  Second, it is the death of a saint that their feast day falls on – not their birth.  These facts point to both the importance of John the Baptist and his connectedness to our Lord and the Blessed Mother.  John was totally and completely focused on his mission – to be the herald of Jesus Christ, to prepare the way for our Lord’s presence and salvific action.  From the very first moment, when Mary visited Elizabeth, John ‘leapt’ for joy in the womb.  He had great passion even then.  He like Mary humbly accepted his role and pointed all toward Christ.  He called all to come to God with no hesitation and clarity of both voice and actions.

As Vincentians, we too should leap for joy to be able to be messengers of the Good News of the gospel.  We are called to come in total humility but with an unquenchable passion for our Lord.  Through our actions and words, we should be helping others to come to know and follow our Lord.  Through our actions we make His love, his mercy and His hope come to light.  Am I a true messenger for God, focusing all on only His goodness and love?  Do I take great joy in all that He calls me to, accepting it without hesitation?

Lord Jesus, John prepared the way for you, let me help to prepare the way for others to come to know you. Give me the humility to point all toward you as their salvation.  Help me to passionately embrace the ministry you call me to.  Grace me with the ability to embrace your will, fully, completely and passionately.  We pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike