From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts

June 21 – Twelfth Sunday Ordinary Time


With Easter and the host of high feast days that follow it completed, we now settle into ordinary time.  These days feel like anything but ordinary though.  Between the pandemic, economic hardships, and the tensions throughout the country and the world that are all contributing to greater distancing – intended and unintended – it is easy to feel isolated and afraid.  Our first reading says it well, “I hear the whisperings of many: terror on every side!”  Our Lord answers though saying Fear no one!…do not be afraid!”  His meaning is deeper though.  It is about Fear of the Lord or trust in God.  We should not fear earthly threats or concerns for God is on our side.   We need only fear, truly fear, when we turn from God.  Hardship, persecution and suffering will come to us, but through our suffering, with God at our side, we will find truth and hope.

As Vincentians, during these difficult times for so many who are suffering, we need to stand with them as God stands with us.  Even more, we need to help them to see the presence of God in their lives and to trust in Him, for “the Lord hears the poor.”  To one another – Vincentians and neighbors in need – let us stand in trust and witness to God’s enduring love and care for us.  Do I accept and understand that through suffering will come the victory, the love and the hope of Christ?  Do I trust in God’s Divine Providence; His will for me and those I minister to?  Do I testify to God’s faithfulness even when all seems lost?

God, help me to overcome my fears in the face of all obstacles, trusting always in your care.  Allow me to remain a faithful witness in testimony to your great love for us.  Give me the persistence and desire to ever more deeply understand and know your will for our lives.  Help me especially to walk in the pathway of Jesus as I deal with the issues of poverty and suffering.  Give me the courage to remain faithful to your will in the face of adversity and prejudice. Allow me to advocate with zeal for those who are in need.    I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen

Deacon Mike