This week we hear about the transfiguration of Jesus in the presence of Peter, James and John.  It is a glimpse of the heavenly joy that is to come.  Jesus has just shared with the apostles that he will be killed at some point.  They come to this event likely with great fears about their futures.  This glimpse of heaven is a reminder to them of the hope and joy of the future.  It is that hope that they can hold onto to sustain them through the challenges and uncertainty that is to come.

As Vincentians, we can be the transfiguration event for the people we visit.  We bring them hope in the midst of challenges.  That is not the only transfiguration that can happen during these encounters though.  St. Vincent tells us the poor are our Lord and master.  They have much to teach us about humility, patience, kindness, generosity and trust.  Do we look for the presence of Christ in them when we visit?  Do we seek transformative moments for our souls in these encounters?  Do we learn the lessons they offer  to teach us?

Lord Jesus, thank you for the presence of your goodness in ly life.  Help me to see your presence in each person I visit.  Open my heart to the lessons they offer me, particularly in humility, trust and patience.  Give me the grace to understand they have more to give to me then I have to offer to them.  I pray all of this in your name!  Amen

Deacon Mike