From the Deacon’s Desk:  Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts


May 23 – Pentecost Sunday


Potential!  That’s what that frightened band of men – the apostles – that’s what they had until that Pentecost so long ago.  The Spirit descended upon them and suddenly this cowardly, frightened group became enabled and emboldened by the Spirit to do all that they were called to do.  Their potential was unlocked and unleashed.  Their fears were overcome!  He gifted the apostles with the Holy Spirit to guide and protect them, and so too He gifts us.  We are reminded on this Pentecost weekend that the presence of the Spirit of God is a fact.  We are encouraged to trust in the presence of that Spirit that formed the followers of Jesus – that made it possible for them to jump into the whole experience of being church – to realize their full potential.  We are emerging from the darkness of a terrible pandemic.  God has armed us with greater knowledge of how to protect ourselves and others.  He calls us now to trust in Him. He is with us – here and now.  The question is whether we throw ourselves into the Spirit of God and let that Spirit move us and form us and make us what we are supposed to be?  God is here in our midst regardless of what we do or who we are or how we act.  He calls us out of the darkness and into the light.  He fills our hearts with the fire of His love and calls us to be the renewal of the earth.  We need to embrace and realize our potential!


As Vincentians, we renew our commitment to take Christ out into the world, confident that the Spirit is with us and in us.  We are a sent community whom the breath of God has touched, a community of Vincentians called church, sent to bring hope into the midst of despair. In new and creative ways, we bring hope to so many in need.  It may be someone who is hurting financially, emotionally or spiritually – someone who is in need of the presence of Christ in their lives.  We may be the lifeline God is extending to them.  We may make the difference in their lives by how we react.  The Spirit – and our spirituality – must become a part of the very fabric of who we are.   For God has sent His Spirit into our hearts.  Will I submit to God’s will in my life and in the lives of others?  Will I let the Spirit work through me to bring hope to others?  Will I allow my potential – the potential given me by God – to be fully realized during this time of need?


God our Father, thank you for the gift of your presence in our lives through the Holy Spirit who walks with us and the Eucharist – the very Body and Blood of your Son – which nourishes us for the journey each day.  Help me to find ways to be your light shining through this pandemic to bring hope to those who are hurting.  Allow me to open myself up that you might use me fully and completely as I minister to others  – helping them to see your Love and compassion through me, that they may recognize the Hope present in their lives and find Faith once again.  Let me always recognize your presence in my life that I might share that very presence out with others.  I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen


Deacon Mike

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