In our gospel this week, Jesus addresses that ultimate question – what separates those who go to heaven from those who don’t?  His message is clear and perhaps not quite what some would expect.  He says nothing about those things we typically think of as sins, the things that we do that are wrong.  Sins of commission.  Rather, he talks about the things we DID NOT do – the sins of omission.  And they are all about caring for one another – particularly those who are in need.  It is failure to care for those who are hungry, thirsty, sick, in prison and so on which will keep us from heaven.

As Vincentians, this is the motivation for caring for those who are in need.  Doing so brings us holiness by bringing us closer to God and allowing us to see the presence of Christ.  Doing so makes us imitators of Christ following what he taught us.  Do I reach out in charity only when it is convenient, or in every instance God places before me?  Am I aware of those who are hurting around me, offering to them the presence of Christ?

Father, grace me with the gift of awareness, that I may recognize when someone is in need.  Help me to never pass an opportunity to be your presence to another, even when it is inconvenient.  Let me serve in humility recognizing with thanksgiving that all I have comes from you that I might freely share my gifts with others.  Let me never hesitate to answer the knock on the door, that I may never miss seeing and serving you.   I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen

Deacon Mike