This week we celebrate the mystery of the Trinity – the union of three persons in one.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit all working together in total harmony.  Each compliments the others.  The three are inextricably linked.  One does not act independent of the other two.  Total alignment.  St. Catherine Sienna says “The Father is the table.  The Son is the food and the Spirit dwells within us.”  The Spirit, without the Father and Son would have no purpose. The Spirit is the outpouring of love from the Father and the Son.

As Vincentians, we too have a trinity we embrace tightly along with the Holy Trinity.  It is the Essential Elements of Spirituality, Friendship and Service.  These three are also inextricably linked.  Our spirituality provides a foundation firmly grounded in God’s love for us.  Friendship gives us community and support which helps us to live out our spirituality through practical growth in our Vincentian Virtues.  Service is the outpouring of love from our Spirituality and Friendship.  Without our spirituality and Vincentian friendship, our service would have no purpose.  Do I focus on growing in holiness and connecting in friendship?  Is my service a consequence of my spirituality and friendship?

Lord Jesus, the unity, harmony and unconditional love of the Trinity is what I seek.  Help me to grow in such love for my fellow Vincentians and for those to whom I minister.  Grace me that my ministry may become a reflection of the Trinity.  Help me to grow in holiness, in true and complete friendship and in compassionate caring for others. Grant that the service I provide may be an outpouring from my spirituality and friendship.  I pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike