Do you believe in miracles?  This week we celebrate the greatest miracle of all time – when Jesus makes himself present to us through the transformation of bread and wine into his Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, to be with us in the most intimate way.  This miracle happens every time we go to mass, and so often we look right past it.  Jesus uses miracles to reveal his divine power to us and to show his infinite mercy.  While this miracle tops them all, there certainly are other miracles which happen in our lives and the lives of others.  Some are big – perhaps a healing of amazing proportions – and some are small.  The question is, ‘Are we open to seeing the miraculous graces God bestows in our lives or the lives of others?’

As Vincentians, we should continually pray for God’s mercy and intervention into the lives of those we minister to, those we serve with, and those who are in need (including ourselves).  We bring hope to those we serve precisely because of God’s mercy.  We should be bastions of that hope understanding that through persistence in prayer, submission of will and faithfulness to our Lord, all things are possible.  We need to keep our eyes open to see the moments when God’s mercy graces a situation with miraculous intervention, whether large or small.  We should rejoice in those moments and give praise and glory to God.  Do we take the time to see and appreciate the grace of God in all situations?

God, your Son revealed to us your glory and mercy through the use of miracles that we might see and believe. He comes to us through the miracle of the Eucharist.  We pray that your mercy may be revealed to us and graced upon those who are in despair.  Intercede that healing may come to those who are suffering and that your glory may be made known to them.  Help me to be aware of your miraculous presence in the work we do.   I pray all of this in your Son’s name.  Amen 

Deacon Mike