Jesus is on a mission and not everyone is happy with what he has to say.  He is heading toward his final destiny on earth.  Along the way challenges will come for both him and his followers.  Many follow Jesus when things are good but fall away when times get difficult.  Paul reminds us in his letter to the Galatians that our ‘freedom’ in Christ also calls us to be focused in our behaviors.  We must be mindful of the challenges that are to come staying true to our faith and Christ’s call to us.

As Vincentians, we too can sometimes lose our focus, forgetting that we must always serve one another through love as Paul tell us.  We lose sight of Jesus as the source of all goodness.  We can forget the importance of seeking His will through our prayer for both ourselves and our neighbors.  We must be guided by the Spirit in all that we do.  Do I stay faithful to God’s will in all situations, even when challenges occur?  Are prayer, humility and truth the cornerstones of my ministry each and every day?  Do I help to illuminate God’s presence to my neighbors in need even when it is difficult to see?

Lord Jesus, you are my inheritance.  Help me always to listen for your will, following where you may lead me.  Grant that I may never waiver in my desire for prayer – constant communication – with you.   Allow me to be a true messenger of your love through both my words and deeds.  Lift me up when challenges come that a may always focus my gaze only on you.   I pray all of this in your name.  Amen

Deacon Mike