Potential blossoms into passionate performance!!  Jesus has taught the apostles, he has given them both the example of his life as well as experiences in ministry, he has given them the plan for the future, and now he has equipped them with the inspiration and confidence of the Holy Spirit.  They have been emboldened to take all that Jesus has given them, and they have gone out as He instructed them with confidence and passion.

As Vincentians, we have been gifted with the instruction and guidance of Vincent and Frederic.  They have given us the Rule, the Manual, the Society, and the example of their lives to form us as Vincentians.  They have given us the plan to grow in holiness and serve our neighbors in need.  And we have been gifted and emblazoned with the Holy Spirit to walk with us as we journey forward.  Do I accept the gifts that have been graced upon me by God?  Do I embrace the ministry as a Vincentian being guided in all ways by the Rule and manual?  Do I go out to my neighbors with confidence in God’s Providence and the presence of the Spirit the guide me?  Do I realize my potential with passionate zeal emboldened by God’s presence in my life?

Lord Jesus, you have blessed me with the Spirit as my guide, my advocate, my protector, and my strength.  Help me to embrace the Spirit in my life and ministry.  Help me to recognize the gifts and talents you have given to me that I may use them to the glory of your name.  Let me be your vessel to bring the Good News to all those I meet, that they may come to know you and love you, and find their hope in you.   I pray all of this in your name.  Amen 

Deacon Mike