This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day. It falls on the same weekend as the 100th anniversary of our Blessed Mother’s first appearance over six months to three children at a small Portuguese town of Fatima.
She brought a message of prayer, repentance and conversion of heart. We are reminded of a mother’s love for her children and that she will pull out all stops and use all means to care for, protect and guide her children. Mother’s sacrifice, they suffer even pain and celebrate every joy of their children, and they lead with their hearts. A mother’s instinct will lead her to never stop in her protection and care for her children utilizing every possible avenue to achieve her goal with persistence and determination.
As Vincentians, this week let us reflect upon the will and love of a mother. Let us resolve to bring a mother’s love to all those to whom we minister being relentless in our love and our desire to provide for their needs. We say that no act of charity is foreign to the society. Do we seek to provide the true support each of our client’s needs, or do we only provide surface support and then move on? Do we always remember that the most important help we bring usually comes from our heart and not our ‘wallet’?
Lord Jesus, thank you for the grace of mothers and the merciful and compassionate love they teach us. Help me always to turn to Mary, our Blessed Mother, seeking intercession for those who are most in need. Give me the persistence and determination of a mother to continually seek what is truly needed for your children. Give me the wisdom to provide guidance to those whom you bring before me, that I may help them to address their needs completely. I pray all of this in your name.